2015 Sky Lantern

Every year Taiwanese gets together for the Sky Lantern Festival. As you can see above in the video it’s so beautiful. The sky lantern festival was said that it started with a man named Kongming who send a message with the lantern when he was surrounded by his enemies. In Taiwan, they release the lanterns into the sky with their wishes. I ran out of wishes when i wrote mine so my friends and I ended up writing hashtags on ours. It was a memorial time for me because I have been wanting to go there to take pictures and a video. Unfortunately, I was only able to make a video.

The district that we went to to release the lanterns is called Pingxi district. It’s up in the mountains and it’s really cheap to get there. The bus that took up the steep mountain kept giving me mini heart attacks cause of the sharp turns and what not. Once we got there, it started to drizzle. I was told that it’s a typical weather up there in the mountains, I wouldn’t mind but since I had to clean my glasses all the time, I started to regret reading books in the dark and sitting in front of the TV when I was child cause afterwards, I was blind. There was a long line there. I thought that’s where we had to wait to get our lanterns but it was just the line to choose when do we release our lanterns. They had a system where they gather groups of people together, line them up and when their appointed time comes, they release their lanterns and allow the next group of people to release theirs. My bestie was smart enough to pick the first hour because she knew I would be tired to the point where my feet would hurt and I can’t walk.

The district was surrounded by trees and an actual old railway train. It was a beautiful place. The air was fresh. The trees were not dusty. The food was local. Everything was wonderful. The town where we explored is called “Old Street”. It has the largest train station and we actually were allowed to walk on the railway. Even though it was over crowded, raining and I was getting a cold, I had a magical time. I will never forget my time there. Bless my bestie’s heart for always coming through for me.

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