Love what you do and do what you love.

Hello everyone! I finally was able to interview the father of the Peanut & Ice Cream Roll in Shilin Nightmarket. He is a sweet and ambitious old man. When I finally showed up, he was already smiling and talking to my friend in high spirits. After greeting him, he started touching my forehead and talked to my friend. She explained that my forehead popping out described how I’m usually stubborn when I do things with morals and principles. He further on described my other personalities by looking at my smile lines, lips, ears and hands. I was impressed. It was a very good icebreaker and I’m glad that the awkward phase passed by quickly.

Once we started asking him questions, he answered with great enthusiasm. You can sense his joy upon sharing his stories of fulfilling his dreams. He inspired me not to give up on mine and to continue to work hard.

Unfortunately, I had a time limit in the video, so I was unable to put in his full on story, so I will help him tell his story. Before his retirement, he used to own a leather company. He made women’s bags and purses from those leathers to sell. He had been working there for 13 years with 10 agents. His daughter followed him doing what ever it is that he was doing. It was obvious that she looked up to him as a great role model. After his daughter married, he passed on his company to his son-in-law who works there during the day. The daughter also works at the leather place and when the Peanut & Ice Cream Roll opened, she followed her father to sell as well. The father automatically gave the stand to his daughter.

Before he opened the stand and after his retirement, he took his wife and traveled around Taiwan and while doing so, he tried every Peanut & Ice Cream Roll he came across. He finally found a homemade ice cream shop in Yilan where they sell ice cream with real fruits. After thinking about the idea of selling his favorite snack since he was a young boy, he immediately started building it. He used his own money to get it started by buying all the necessary things and handed it over to his daughter to sell and earn money.

Speaking about his childhood, he said he really loves the snack ever since he was a boy. Back then, the snack was so expensive he couldn’t afford to eat it all the time. He would save up 6 months allowance just so he can eat it. When there was a celebration at the temple (since they only sell them when there is an event at the temple) he would go just to eat it but not to watch the puppet show held in the temple. So the reason why he build this stand was not for money, but because he can come eat his favorite snack whenever he wants.

Readers, don’t make your favorite thing in the world your job, because in the end you will hate it. “Love what you do and do what you love” that way, you’re eager to catch the wishes you whispered and make them come true.

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