Peanut & Ice Cream Roll

If you read last month’s blog then you know that I was suppose to be posting up a video of the Lupe Vendor, but unfortunately that whole area was wiped out due to construction work. But fret not my readers, I interviewed my other favorite vendor snack, Peanut and Ice Cream Roll. The ingredients are spring roll wrap, ice cream of your choice and peanut shredding, when combined it has an interesting test.

The reason I interviewed this particular vendor is because it just has Taiwan written all over the snack. Whenever I pass this vendor I’m always curious what that block of peanut is for, honestly I thought it was just for decoration but later one when my friend forced me to try one, I have moments that I would crave for it. So it became my Top 5 vendor food.

Mr. Lin is the father and owner and he thought that since it’s his favorite snack, they all should go into it and sell it at the Night Market. Since 2012, their business is still there with regular customers and curious foreigners by passing. He is always smiling whenever I walk pass, always friendly to his customers. I wanted to interview him that day but sadly he was sick. Nevertheless, his shy wife and bubbly daughter taking over, sometimes I see all three of them selling.

While my friend was interpreting, she told me that she has tried other vendors’ ice cream roll and she said that theirs is the best. So, when she was asked what was the different, she said their ingredients are home made and from Yilan. They went to different stores looking for the right ice cream and made sure they were fresh and straight from the fruit. I think that is what’s different from their Peanut and Ice Cream Roll, they take into consideration for their ingredients.

I hope that when you do go to Shilin Night Market, you should go their vendor, which is right next to the New Night Market in the alley way. If you see a smiley, bubbly family, you’re at the right place.

2 thoughts on “Peanut & Ice Cream Roll

  1. Hi Neilan,

    This is a good post. Thank you.
    It would be great if you can make the photos more stories. For example, with the interviewee inside the photo or the location of the store, or add some people who are purcahsing and eating the products.

    Have a nice weekend.


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