Fear not the Food

The night markets are popular in Taiwan. It’s a good place to go shopping as a family or as a group of friends at the evenings after work or school. Products that are being sold are considered cute and affordable. Walking around the night markets can also make one hungry. But since it’s probably your first time in Taiwan, you are not sure if you can stomach the foreign food that are sold by vendors. I’ll be showing you some of the common food that you usually see in the night markets. Not some of the food can look good on the outside nor can they smell delicious, but once you try them, you will be wanting more!

So, you’re hungry but you still want to shop and the idea of sitting in a restaurant will make you not want to shop but just to sit and relax. You see all these vendors shouting out probably phrases like “Come some! It’s delicious! It’s only 100NT!” But you look at the food and you see chicken feet! That’s something you have never wanted to try, so you don’t have to try.

In different night markets, there are different types of food trends along the streets. Shilin Night Market is the most popular night market in Taipei so some of the food have mostly meat, while in Danshui it mostly have sea food.

The Lapu stall is one of my favorite stalls, not only does it have a foreign look on this stall but the food also seems to be foreign. The owner/cook look like he use to be a professional in a restaurant but why is he working in the night market? This blog is about food in night markets but I will be interviewing about this man and his life passage to come to sell his delicious delicacy in the night market.

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3 thoughts on “Fear not the Food

  1. Hi Neilan,

    It is a good attempt. It would be great if you can give the captions more explanatory power.
    Also, it would be even better if you can make the lede (lead) in 50 words in the next post.


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